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Nature Clinic Lecithin 1200mg 200C

pack size: 200 Capsules
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Supporting cholesterol health

Lecithin may be beneficial for:

  • Maintaining normal, healthy cholesterol levels

  • Lecithin comes from soya beans and other plant or animal sources and is said to have a range of health benefits for cardiovascular health, liver and cell function, fat metabolism and the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. Naturally occurring Lecithin contains many active ingredients, but the key ingredient for health purposes are phospholipids. Phospholipids are components of cell walls and nerves and also needed to maintain a healthy lining for the stomach and lungs.

    • The phospholipids in Lecithin are vital for the transportation of fats and cholesterol around the body and may help you to maintain normal cholesterol levels.
    • Lecithin helps transport fats and cholesterol to the liver and bloodstream, so it's essential for the healthy metabolism of fats.
    • Lecithin may be useful for moving cholesterol out of the body and helping to aid and maintain a healthy liver.


    天然药房 卵磷脂胶囊1200毫克 200粒

    Nature Clinic 卵磷脂高效胶囊有助于维持健康人体内的胆固醇平衡。卵磷脂可协助进行消化系统中的脂肪分解和分配, 并支持关键器官如大脑和肝脏的运作。


    • 卵磷脂是一种磷脂, 也即天然脂肪,存在于小麦胚芽、黄豆、花生和蛋黄中。卵磷脂的英文名源自希腊语“蛋黄”。卵磷脂是细胞膜的主要成分, 人体内每一个细胞中都有它。


    • 卵磷脂有助于维护健康的细胞结构, 是构成细胞膜并保护其健康不可或缺的成分。
    • 卵磷脂可协助进行消化系统中的脂肪分解和分配, 因此它常与减肥密切相关。
    • 卵磷脂常被用于保持胆固醇的均衡,它可协助健康人体维持正常的胆固醇水平。
    • 卵磷脂还可用于维持健康正常的低密度脂蛋白与高密度脂蛋白胆固醇比值(LDH: HDL)。
    • 卵磷脂对肝脏具有保护作用。
    • 卵磷脂中含胆碱和肌醇, 有效维护大脑的健康运作。

    为何选择Nature Clinic 卵磷脂?

    • Nature Clinic 卵磷脂是一种高效、优质的澳洲自产保健品。我们的卵磷脂胶囊从大豆中萃取, 绝不含任何转基因成分, 适宜于绝大部分人群, 不含任何玉米、奶制品、鸡蛋、麸质、乳糖、坚果、糖、小麦,不添加任何人工色素、香料和防腐剂。


    • 卵磷脂1.2克。


    成人: 每天三次, 每次一颗, 随餐服用, 或遵医嘱。


    Active ingredient:

    Each capsule contains 1200mg of Lecithin

    suggested dose

    Take one capsule twice daily with meals or as directed by your health care professional.